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My name is Sarah but you can call me Sarah Jean. I am 24 years young. I live to serve and to love. I am determined, by help from my awesome Father, to change this world for the better.

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I am in love with Peter Pan, more than anyone you know

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if a guy you’ve known for a year but have only seen a couple times and you don’t talk much

but then you spend the last 2 days with him cuz he’s acting in your short film for school..

and he asks 2 times about your love life….what does that MEAN!?

    1. 3 notesTimestamp: Saturday 2012/02/18 9:41:17yeah i'm lame
    1. thenoise13 answered: He’s interested in you
    2. skrillabobcat answered: interested. duh,or gay and very caring. HE LIKES YOU
    3. mommyticknor answered: hmmmm. that depends does the role have anything to do with romance? relationships? either he wants to set you on a date or maybe is intereste
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